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Benefits of Mulching Your Yard in the Spring April 24, 2018

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Benefits of Mulching Your Yard in the Spring, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Caring for your landscaping involves basic lawn care and maintenance. One of the best steps you can take to ensure the integrity of your outdoor space is to mulch it in the spring. Think of mulch as a vital nutrient for the entire landscape, and springtime as the optimal time of year to feed your lawn what it needs. Here are the benefits of mulching the yard when the weather warms up.

Benefits of Mulching Your Yard in the Spring

1. Refresh Its Appearance

landscapingAfter a chilly winter of wet weather, spring offers a refreshing reprieve with plenty of sunshine and clear skies. Adding mulch to the landscaping in the spring is a way to welcome the season with a flourish. Mulch revives the yard’s appearance and makes the entire lawn look more attractive. If you have flower beds, those areas will really pop when you add fresh mulch.

2. Nourish the Plants

Gardening and planting season calls for a high-quality mulch that encourages growth and nourishes soil. Adding fresh mulch is the best way to help your gardens along. Think of it as necessary ground cover—it helps maintain beneficial moisture within the soil and prevents the soil from overheating in the sunlight. Conserving water is key to plant growth, and can benefit your overall landscape design as the season progresses.


Regular lawn care ensures that your landscaping stays fresh and attractive throughout spring. If you want to reap the benefits of high-quality mulch, contact the team at Sharp Lawn Inc., of Lexington, KY. They’ll evaluate your lawn and revive it with mulch so it’s ready for a successful spring. Visit their website for more information on their landscaping services for your outdoor living space, or call (859) 253-6688.

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