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What You Need to Know About Your Vehicle’s Electrical System March 9, 2018

Elk Grove, Sacramento County
What You Need to Know About Your Vehicle’s Electrical System, Elk Grove, California

Every vehicle contains several systems, all of which work together to help it run and protect its passengers. These include the steering, engine, and transmission system. In the sections below, the auto repair experts of Elk Grove Shell in Sacramento County, California, discuss everything you need to know about auto electrical systems.

Components of the Auto Electrical System

auto repairThe battery, starter, and alternator are the three main parts of your vehicle’s electrical system. The source of power for the entire car is the battery, which is connected to both. The starter—using power from the battery—initiates the motor. Meanwhile, the alternator charges the battery as it runs, keeping your vehicle powered for as long as possible. It also ensures the engine, lights, radio, wipers, and other accessories have enough power for the journey ahead.

When an Electrical System Requires Auto Repair

Problems involving any component of your vehicle’s electrical system will negatively impact other components or vehicle systems. A faulty battery may not power the starter, for example, and the engine will fail to crank. A sulfurous smell (like rotten eggs), a swollen battery chassis, corrosion around the battery terminals, or an engine that’s slow to crank all indicate the need for auto repairs. You may be dealing with an alternator issue if the engine is difficult to start, the headlights flicker, or the battery drains quickly. If your starter requires auto repair, your vehicle might not respond at all when you turn the key.

All aspects of your car’s electrical system are interdependent, and problems with one can sometimes be mistaken for problems with another. If you need a professional to inspect your vehicle or perform auto maintenance, get in touch with Elk Grove Shell today. For an appointment, call the full-service gas station and car repair shop at (916) 685-7796. The auto repair specialists are also available online.

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