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What Is Runner's Knee & How Can Sports Therapy Help? March 8, 2018

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What Is Runner's Knee & How Can Sports Therapy Help?, Cherokee Village, Arkansas

Runners put a lot of strain on their bodies while getting their daily fix as they pound the pavement or hit the trails. While this workout is excellent for your health, running can put a strain on your body, and many people get runner’s knee because of their exercise of choice. If you’re unsure about what this consists of, Therapy Works in Cherokee Village, AR, provides an in depth explanation and how sports therapy can help with the condition.

What Is Runner’s Knee?

Your knee joint distributes the weight of your body during each step you take. When running, this means a lot of pressure causes irritation, which is often referred to as “runner’s knee.” Causes of this nonspecific injury can include thigh muscle imbalance or weakness, repeated use, arthritis, foot problems, a badly aligned skeleton, and even knee trauma. Symptoms range from pain in the front or back of the knee and surrounding the patella. If you have runner’s knee you may feel the ache during or after physical activity.

How Can Sports Therapy Help? 

sports therapyThe goal of sports therapy is to help athletes of all calibers get back to the exercise they love. When it comes to easing runner’s knee, sports therapy can teach people how to stretch and improve their knee strength to minimize the pain. Many people run but do not stretch or perform other exercises that can help with running, which make them more susceptible to experience knee issues. Sports therapy providers can work with runners to strengthen and loosen the tendons and ligaments around the patella to support their movements better.

If you run, you may have knee problems, but thankfully, there are ways to reduce the pain and improve your running. Consider working with a therapist to gain knowledge of ways to protect your knees by performing preparation stretches and exercises. To set up an appointment with the talented sports therapy professionals at Therapy Works, call (870) 856-4325. Visit the website for information about the extensive services offered, including biofeedback, manual therapy, soft tissue mobilization, and core strengthening exercises to meet your personal needs.

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