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3 Reasons to Call a Professional for Flooding Cleanup March 9, 2018

Philadelphia, Philadelphia
3 Reasons to Call a Professional for Flooding Cleanup, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

When disaster strikes, every minute counts. This is especially true when your home is flooded, as hazardous mold growth and costly water damage are likely. Whether the standing water is an inch or a foot deep, call Priority Restoration LLC for flooding cleanup in Philadelphia, PA. 

Here, their team discusses why only professionals should handle the task:

  • It’s Dangerous: A flooded home carries the risk of electrical shock, as the water serves as a conductor of electricity. There are also microbial threats, such as fungus, that need to be addressed after the water is cleaned up. If a sewer line has been compromised, protective equipment is essential until all bacteria is cleaned up.
  • Quick Action Is Necessary: Organic materials can start to deteriorate within 48 hours, so every minute matters. A professional will assess the flooding and determine the areas where the water is pooling the most. Basements, underneath floorboards, and inside drywall are all common problem areas. Professionals have the knowledge and equipment needed for quick flooding cleanup, saving you thousands of dollars in extensive repairs and saving as many of your belongings as they can.
  • flooding cleanupYou Can Combine Drying & Disinfecting: After all standing water is removed, the water restoration process involves days’ worth of drying out everything while disinfecting it. Technicians can sort through all your belongings to determine what should be removed and what can be salvaged. They won’t finish their remediation process until they know the home and belongings are safe for your family.

When your home has any type of flooding, contact Priority Restoration LLC at (215) 281-3473 immediately for flooding cleanup. They offer convenient 24/7 emergency service throughout the Tri-State area and respond to requests immediately to limit water damage. Their team is fully certified, licensed, and insured in water, mold, and fire and smoke damage restoration. Visit their website for more information on their services.

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