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3 Questions to Ask When Seeking a HVAC Contractor March 9, 2018

Cabot, Lonoke
3 Questions to Ask When Seeking a HVAC Contractor, Cabot, Arkansas

To ensure the HVAC machinery is operating smoothly within your home, it’s pivotal to have the right technicians on your side. But how can you distinguish quality when you aren’t a heating and air expert yourself? With the right set of questions, you’ll skillfully vet the candidates and identify the perfect HVAC contractor. Here is a primer to get you started. 

A Guide to Selecting an HVAC Company

1. Are You Licensed?

Check whether the staff is licensed for HVAC work. Certification tells you the technicians have the proper hours of training and understand safety procedures and the details of installation and repair work. Partnering with an unlicensed company is risky since there is a higher likelihood of error and return visits to address the problems.

2. Are You Insured?

HVACWhen you are scoping out potential companies, minimize risk as much as possible. If anything goes wrong during installation or service work, you want a guarantee that the money to fix it won’t be coming out of your pocket. With an insured company, you’ll gain peace of mind for that. The workers should also be insured against injury, so you’re not liable in case they are injured on the job. 

3. Can You Provide References?

Even when a company seems to check all the boxes, it’s worth finding out information not on the official website. By speaking to past clients, you’ll discover what it was like to work with the HVAC crew. Did they show up on time? Ask past customers if their work held up over the years. Were they honest about the costs? If a company doesn’t want to provide references, you should continue the search.  


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