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Roofing Contractor Shares Why You Should Never Ignore Water Stains on Your Ceiling March 8, 2018

Clarksville, Howard
Roofing Contractor Shares Why You Should Never Ignore Water Stains on Your Ceiling, Clarksville, Maryland

Your home is place of comfort and protects you from the elements. However, water damage can greatly decrease your quality of life by damaging the structure and leading to harmful mold and mildew growth. That is why Marshall's Contracting, a top roofing contractor in Fulton, MD, says you should never ignore signs of moisture on the ceiling. This will only lead to dangerous and costly issues.

3 Reasons to Call a Roofing Contractor When You See Ceiling Water Stains

1. Mold & Mildew

If you look up and notice a water mark on your ceiling, you may already be dealing with mold growth. In fact, it takes less than 24 hours for the fungus to start developing. That is why it is imperative for you to handle the stains as soon as you see them. Mold greatly decreases your air quality and can lead to trouble breathing, sore throats, eye irritation, and even skin irritation. Likewise, it weakens the integrity of your home.

2. Structural Damage

roofing contractorThe cause behind water stains on the ceiling is always damage elsewhere in the home. This may be in the roof layers, walls, ceiling joists, or even the rafters. This stain, then, is a sign repairs are required elsewhere. Not only will a damaged structure let in more moisture, but it could lead to decreased insulation, increased energy costs, and the need for full replacements. This can be incredibly expensive if it’s not handled swiftly.

3. Fire Hazard

Water stains on the ceiling may actually be a fire hazard if your electrical wiring runs through the attic or ceiling panels. The moisture surrounding it could act as a conductor, transferring the electricity to more flammable objects such as the attic insulation. If you notice water stains, turn off your electricity and call a roofing contractor and an electrician immediately.

Water stains on your ceiling should be addressed as soon as possible. Those in Fulton, MD, can call Marshall's Contracting for roof inspections and repairs. The team can also install new roofs. For more information on this roofing contractor, visit their website or call (410) 406-7667 today.

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