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Located in the Bowery neighborhood of NYC, Evolution Enrichment Center is more than just a day care. Through classes and activities where students explore and have fun while learning, this revolutionary learning center encourages children to develop their strength of mind, body, and heart.

An Introduction to Eye Level Learning April 17, 2018

Lower East Side, Manhattan
An Introduction to Eye Level Learning, Manhattan, New York

Eye Level Learning is an educational system that supplements students' academic pursuits with additional help, guidance, and learning opportunities, such as tutoring and after-school programs. The name derives from seeing students at their own level, meeting them where they're at, and giving them the freedom and support to self-direct their learning. The professionals at FasTracKids in Brooklyn, New York, offer a more detailed introduction to Eye Level Learning below.

The Process

The Eye Level process begins with a diagnostic assessment that gauges your child's unique learning needs. Next, student confidence is nurtured as they prepare to begin their studies. They then undertake a self-directed program that best meets their specific academic goals—don't worry, an instructor is guiding them the whole time!. This can be manifested with additional supplemental support, such as tutoring or after-school programs. Finally, the student's progress is assessed and feedback is offered.


after-school programsMathematics is one of the main focuses of the Eye Level method. It is split into two sections: Basic Thinking Math and Critical Thinking Math. Basic Thinking Math is centered on fundamental math skills, while Critical Thinking Math is concerned with more involved math matters, like problem-solving, logic and reason, and identifying patterns. The student's math level is determined by an assessment—not by their age or grade.


English is another primary focus of the Eye Level approach to learning. Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking are the components of the English program, and each one empowers students to feel confident and comfortable with the English language. From exploring phonics to mastering grammar, Eye Level's English approach covers all aspects of the subject.

If your child could use some additional learning help, enroll them in an Eye Level Learning after-school program at FasTracKids. In addition to after-school programs, they offer preschool, gifted and talented test prep classes, tutoring sessions, and more. Call (718) 260-8100, visit their website, or contact them on Facebook or Twitter to sign your child up today.

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