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3 Pet Safety Tips for Homes With Swimming Pools March 13, 2018

Troy, Lincoln
3 Pet Safety Tips for Homes With Swimming Pools, Troy, Missouri

While families certainly love to enjoy their pools together, some members of the household require special precautions. Homes with pets must make special arrangements to ensure that their furry friends stay out of the water and on dry land where they can stay safe. Pools can be designed with pets in mind without compromising any of the space or water features you have your mind set on—the trick is to know exactly what you need and how to communicate it to your pool contractors. 

3 Ways to Keep Pets Safe Around the Pool

1. Build a Fence

If your dog is not a natural swimmer, it might be in your best interest to keep them out of the pool area entirely. Dogs that are injured, older, or puppies can easily slip into the water and may not know how to get out, so it’s better to build a fence to keep them away for good. Ask your pool contractor about your options for installing an attractive and sturdy fence that your dog cannot jump over to avoid accidental spills. 

2. Steps or Ramps

poolsIf your family loves spending days swimming with your dog, why not make their entrance and exit as easy and safe as possible? If you know that your dog is a skilled swimmer, you can talk to your pool contractor about building in large steps in both the shallow and deeper ends. Convenient and easily accessible steps will ensure that your pup can climb out of the water without panicking so that you can all enjoy long, happy swim days. 

3. Choose the Right Cover

Without a proper pool cover, your pet might wander into the water by accident, putting them at major risk of injury. Make sure that you opt for a strong pool cover that extends the entire length and width of the pool. There should be no gaps at the sides, and the cover should be pulled taught so that even if your pet does step foot on it, the surface will be sound enough for them to retreat safely. 


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