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Heading to Alaska? Here's the Best Time to Buy a Home There March 7, 2018

Anchorage, Anchorage County
Heading to Alaska? Here's the Best Time to Buy a Home There, Anchorage, Alaska
Whether you're a native or someone looking to relocate to the Last Frontier, Alaska's real estate market has much to offer. Choosing the ideal time to buy a home here may require a bit of planning and research. However, taking a proactive approach can certainly pay off with a dwelling that is not only affordable but provides buyers with the acreage they desire.

When to Buy a Home in Alaska

Warm Seasons Are Best

Searching for a new residence in the spring and summer is perfect because the weather and surroundings are stunning across Alaska. You'll get to view various home styles in beautiful terrains that include colorful flowers, mountains, cool rivers, and lush forests. Towards June and July, the weather gets drier, but the temperatures remain comfortable. You'll bask in the sunshine and take in some of the native wildlife, such as moose, while searching for that dream home.

More Properties to Choose From

buy a homeSpring is an exceptional time of year to buy a home because the market tends to have more properties for sale. Temporary seasonal residents have either returned back to their permanent locations or others have relocated elsewhere before the next winter season arrives. With a large supply of homes available, shoppers may have stronger leverage to negotiate on price.

Weatherproofing Benefits

Because Alaska is known for its long winter seasons, buying a home in early spring or summer give buyers more than enough time to prepare their residences for the cold weather. Ideally, eager sellers have already done the work for you, which means you may not have to come out of your pocket to transform the house to accommodate the snow and ice. 


With its stunning geographic landscapes and abundant real estate offerings, Alaska could be your next destination to call home. The experienced team of agents at Nova Property Management in Anchorage, AK, knows the state intimately. They are always 100% committed to helping their clients find and buy a home that meets their budget and preferences. To learn more, call (907) 522-1332 and a friendly staffer will gladly get you started on your search. Visit the website for helpful information on investment properties.
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