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Why Lock Rekeying Is Recommended After Buying a House March 7, 2018

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Why Lock Rekeying Is Recommended After Buying a House, Preston, Connecticut

Moving into a new house is filled with dozens of tasks, such as unpacking by room, scheduling cable and internet installation, meeting the neighbors, and decorating. However, customizing your recent real estate purchase is not limited to hanging pictures on the walls and choosing which landscaping features you want. One of the best ways to adjust to your new home is by rekeying the locks. Relying on a trusted locksmith for these services is an important step you should never ignore.

Why Rekeying Services Are Recommended After Buying a House

Avoids Spare Key Issues

Changing the locks prevents problems with spare keys. Unless you build a new house, you have no idea how many extra keys the previous owners gave out. Most people make keys for nearby family members and close friends, as well as neighbors and service persons, such as remodeling contractors and healthcare workers. Rather than wondering how many people have access to your home, schedule rekeying services.

rekeyingProvides Peace of Mind

Ensuring no one but you and your trusted family members and friends have access to your new residence creates invaluable peace of mind. Leaving your home for work, going away for a long trip, or running errands shouldn’t leave you worrying about your home’s safety. You should never lie awake at night hoping you and your family are the only ones with keys to your home. Rekeying services make it easier to fully enjoy your residence.


Rekeying differs from lock replacement; it is the simple act of changing a lock’s pins so the new key fits, and it only takes a few minutes. New house keys is just one of the services provided by A Scalia Lock & Key. This Quaker Hill, CT, locksmith that has served New London County with residential and commercial services for over 20 years. Call (860) 444-6822 to schedule an appointment or visit their website today for more information.

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