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Is Spaying & Neutering Necessary for Your Pet? March 7, 2018

South Shenango, Crawford
Is Spaying & Neutering Necessary for Your Pet?, South Shenango, Pennsylvania

Homelessness is an epidemic in the pet community, which is the primary reason spaying and neutering are so important. However, these procedures offer additional health benefits to pets, which is why you should consult with your veterinarian when the time for surgery comes. If your pet is coming of age or you want to learn more about spaying and neutering, continue reading.

What Does the Procedure Consist Of?

Spaying and neutering are surgical sterilization procedures for female and male pets. For females, a veterinarian will remove the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus; for males, the testicles are removed. Unless you plan to breed your pets privately, these health care decisions are crucial, not only for their well-being, but also to prevent unnecessary breeding, which leads to millions of euthanizations each year.

Benefits of Spaying & Neutering 

veterinarian-middlefield-veterinary-clinicThe benefits are imperative on a personal level as well. For females, spaying prevents the likelihood of UTIs and breast tumors significantly. Likewise, males will have less of a chance of developing testicular cancer and prostate complications.

There are also several behavioral benefits: Females won’t go into heat, and males will be less combative or run away. It may even lead to better obedience in pets, so speak with your veterinarian about when it’s best to schedule the procedure at your local animal clinic. Typically, dogs should be sterilized between six and nine months of age, and kittens can be sterilized as young as eight weeks.

Overall, by spaying and neutering, you’re guaranteeing your pet has a better degree of health and reducing complications they would normally experience if unsterilized. It’s a simple, minimally invasive surgery with a quick recovery, and the lifelong benefits will contribute to the greater cause of general pet wellness.


Middlefield Veterinary Clinic is committed to keeping pets happy and healthy throughout Northeastern Ohio and Northwestern Pennsylvania. They have several convenient locations where they offer treatment for both large and small animals, including nutrition, animal surgery, and general checkups. To learn more or contact a veterinarian, visit the website and check out the Facebook page.

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