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3 Tips to Help You Discuss Funeral Plans With a Parent May 2, 2018

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3 Tips to Help You Discuss Funeral Plans With a Parent, East Haven, Connecticut

No one looks forward to discussing funeral arrangements, but it is an important conversation family members should have with one another. Not having it could cause you to have to make decisions for your loved one they might not have wanted or leave you stressed out in the middle of your grief as you try to make last-minute plans. If you’re not sure how to talk with your parents about their final wishes, the tips below will help you get started.  

3 Tips for Starting a Conversation About Funeral Plans

1. Consider Their Communication Style

Everyone likes to discuss important matters in their own way. If your parents are the type who would need to think on the issue before discussing it, give them some warning, and set a date in the future for a real talk. On the other hand, if your mom or dad likes to have conversations that occur naturally, it might be more ideal to bring it up the next time you’re alone together.

2. Think About Your Past Talks

funeral new haven county ctThis probably isn’t the first serious conversation you’ve had with your parents. Think over how those in the past went and what steps you could have taken to communicate more effectively. Did they get stressed out, and which routes were more successful at getting them to openly communicate?

3. Set a Comfortable Tone

It’s probably not best to bring up funeral plans when the whole family is visiting. There will be too many distractions and could add to your loved ones’ stress. It could also open the conversation to opinions your mom or dad might not actually want. Instead, try to do it in a small setting with only you and them or other immediate family members. Go somewhere where they feel safe and capable of communicating in an open and honest manner.


When you need help broaching the topic of funeral planning with your loved ones, the experienced professionals at Porto Funeral Homes will help. They’ve been providing families across New Haven County, CT, with compassionate care since 1931. They understand the emotional and financial relief families feel when these important decisions are made well in advance. To learn more about their funeral services and planning options, call them today at (203) 467-3000 or visit their website.

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