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A Guide to Opening Your Swimming Pool for the Season March 7, 2018

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A Guide to Opening Your Swimming Pool for the Season, Cincinnati, Ohio

As the warm weather approaches, you and your family may be eagerly anticipating the first dive of the season into a nice, cool pool. But the timing of when you open your swimming pool has an impact on just how long you’ll be able to enjoy it. All-American Pools in Cincinnati, OH, is the area’s leading pool installation and repair company. They are eager to help your family get the most enjoyment out of your swimming pool and offer you these suggestions on when to open your pool for best results.

What to Consider Before You Open Your Swimming Pool for the Season

Pool Coverings

Swimming poolSpring doesn’t just bring lush grass and beautiful flowers. Depending on your cover, spring could also mean algae. With mesh coverings, the sun shines directly on the water and creates the ideal environment for algae. If you have a mesh covering, it’s best to go ahead and start opening as soon as weather permits so that you can deal with any algae. With a sun-blocking cover, you can usually wait until mid to late spring before you begin opening the pool.

Landscaping Near the Pool

If you have flowering trees or shrubs near the pool, it might be best to wait until all the blooms have fallen. The earlier you open, the more time you’ll spend cleaning it before you can even enjoy it.


If you use a gas heater in your pool, you can open it in early spring and enjoy a longer season. You will have to wait a bit longer to open your swimming pool if you are using a heat pump, however. Because the heat pump works by pulling warm air into the water to heat it, you’ll need to wait until the ambient temperature increases sufficiently.

The opening of your family swimming pool is an exciting and highly anticipated time. With a bit of careful planning, you can look forward to the longest and most enjoyable season possible. If you are looking to install a new pool or need maintenance on your existing pool, call on All-American Pools. For over 60 years, this company has provided the most stunning pool designs to residents throughout the Cincinnati area. Call them today at (513) 522-7161 to learn more about their services. You can also visit them online for more information.

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