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The Best Stories Are From Summer Camp: Jocelyn B. Shares Hers March 8, 2018

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The Best Stories Are From Summer Camp: Jocelyn B. Shares Hers, Piermont, New Hampshire

Summer camp is a treasured time when many childhood memories are made. At Camp Walt Whitman in New England, this period is all about promoting personal growth while fostering friendships and a sense of belonging. Jocelyn B. has experienced Camp Walt Whitman as a camper, staff member, and parent. Below, she shares what makes this the best summer camp ever.

Time in Nature & Trying New Things

summer campJocelyn B. grew up in the city. One of the reasons her summer camp experience stands out is that it took place in a beautiful, natural setting. Surrounded by mountains with access to Lake Armington, kids get to play outside for most of the day, enjoying the sunshine and lush, green grass.

At camp, kids have to work together as a team and learn to value each other’s strengths. Jocelyn also realized that summer camp helped her grow as an individual, because it made her try new things and accept unfamiliar responsibilities. She sees the same newfound courage and independence in her son who enjoyed the camp experience as much as she did.

Making New Friends

Friendships formed at summer camp sometimes last a lifetime. Even if they don’t, children can learn a lot about camaraderie when sharing a living space with others. Jocelyn learned how these friends can become like family, because they spent entire summers together in close quarters. Her camp experiences taught her about sharing and making compromises. As a staff member, she learned how to set a good example and accept personal responsibility. The role of camp leader also prepared her to become a better parent, because she learned it was okay to be the bad guy when necessary.

For Jocelyn, the Camp Walt Whitman experience was synonymous with fun, friendship, and challenges. That’s not surprising, considering this sleepaway summer camp offers a wide variety of activities like art, hiking adventures, and water sports. To schedule a tour of the camp, visit their website. You can also call their staff at (800) 657-8282 for more information. If you’ve already been to Camp Walt Whitman, please share your story.

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