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What Causes the Popping Noise After the Chiropractor Makes an Adjustment? March 14, 2018

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What Causes the Popping Noise After the Chiropractor Makes an Adjustment?, Columbus, Nebraska

A chiropractor provides healing and relief for a variety of ailments. Neck pain, back pain, and similar injuries can all be treated through this holistic form of medicine. During an adjustment, you may hear a popping sound. While this is a common occurrence, many do not understand the cause behind it. Here is a brief explanation behind this. 

Popping During a Chiropractic Adjustment

What It Is

Many wrongly believe the pop or crack you hear comes directly from your spine or muscles, and the force used in manipulation causes them to make noise as they are moved. This is untrue. The sound occurs with the release of built-up gas or air pockets. These air pockets live within the fluids that surround your joints. When these joints are put into place, those bubbles pop, creating the cracking noise.

Benefits of the Pop

chiropractorWhen you hear this noise, it is a good indicator that your adjustment is effective. This gas within the joints is creating pressure. This often contributes to pain, stress, or muscle tension in the body. When they are released, much of that pressure is relieved. If you do not pop during a treatment, your body may be too tight for the gases to release. However, continual treatments eventually allow for relaxation and a more effective adjustment.

Does Everyone Pop?

Everyone with trapped gas or air in their joints will hear the popping sound. This does not only include adults. In fact, young children and infants may benefit from the chiropractor. Even pets in distress can visit a certified animal physician to help their bodily distress. The same pains that hurt people can affect dogs and cats as well. Arthritis or physical injury to your dog may be treated through spinal manipulation.


Chiropractic care is an exceptional treatment for body pains. Avenue Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic, located in Columbus, is the first legalized pet chiropractor in Nebraska. With 10 years of experience practicing under a veterinarian, they work on both large and small animals. Whether yourself or your dog is experiencing pain, call (402) 564-7514. For more information, visit their website.

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