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Puppy and Kitten Discount Club February 27, 2018

Perry, Houston
Puppy and Kitten Discount Club, Perry, Georgia

                     Puppy and Kitten Discount Club


We provide a comprehensive and affordable head start for your new puppy or kitten with our Puppy and Kitten Discount Program.  This program will give your new puppy or kitten the best preventive healthcare, at a discounted price.

The program includes:

     . All needed vaccinations

     . A complete examination by one of our veterinarians

       at each scheduled visit    

     . Intestinal parasite testing and deworming

     . Feline Leukemia and Feline Aids test (kittens)

     . A substantial discount for spay and neuter surgery                  


This program does not include:

  . Diagnostic tests or treatments for medical problems

     Including vaccine reaction

  . Medical exams not scheduled with the healthy pet

     Exams and vaccine boosters

  .  Heartworm and Flea preventatives


Our goal is to make puppy and kitten care a little more affordable! Please call our office for further information.

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