Pelican Bay, Florida

Tennis Players: The most awesome secret to play in the zone is here March 8, 2018

Pelican Bay, Naples
Tennis Players: The most awesome secret to play in the zone is here, Naples, Florida

Tennis is a fast-paced sport and competitive players experience a lot of stress and anxiety, as they feel pressure to perform at their best at all times. To help them, Life Coach Peggy Sealfon, owner of Peggy Sealfon-Stonewater Studio, has just released an outstanding audio CD that helps players enter the zero stress zone of peak performance more easily and often. 

Sealfon, who is also a competitive tennis player, offers a simple approach to improving a player's abilities through her game-changing CD Integrative Relaxation for Tennis Players based on ancient wisdom teachings of Yoga Nidra.

Learning to Enter the ZONE

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Many players have no idea how to get into the "zone" knowingly.  Most will have one day of great competition and then the next, they tank. They don't understand that they need to train in more than stroke production and strategy to perform well.  They need to develop a stronger connection to their inner guidance system, their mind and thoughts. And they need more quality time to recover. Tension, stress and fear are enemies and stop a player's ability to be in the moment or respond appropriately. 

​By listening to the 30-minute audio CD before or between matches, a player experiences the restfulness of 3 to 4 hours of deep sleep.  Muscles feel revived, your mind relaxes and resets so you're ready to perform. The experience halts patterns of tension and gives your body and mind a chance to fully recover, restore and revitalize. The results are remarkable. In this way, you increase stamina, improve focus and confidence, align mind and body, reduce injuries, reverse aging and access a timeless "zone."

Astonishing Benefits 

​When used as a daily practice, listening to the recording can have an even more powerful cumulative effect.  As you relax and follow Peggy's expert guidance, you enter into the deepest levels of merging body and mind.  The more you use it, the more easily you enter into this deeply relaxed and balanced state of integration. In this way, you boost your immune system, improve sleep quality and maintain optimal health.  And because it’s only 30 minutes long, you can fit it into even the busiest schedule, whether it’s after you first wake up or right before a big match.

Want the audio CD so you can see amazing improvements in your game for yourself? Order directly at

​Peggy Sealfon is a world-renowned Personal Development Coach and Motivational Speaker. Recently, she gave a keynote talk at the USPTA World Conference sharing cutting-edge strategies about her highly effective "zone" training for tennis players. ​

Her programs are a unique blend of both western and eastern traditions and she offers a wide range of programs and workshops for athletes, business entrepreneurs, corporate groups and even youngsters. Visit the website for more information about her and the full list of services and products she offers.

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