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How an Efficient Heating & Air Conditioning System Saves Money March 6, 2018

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How an Efficient Heating & Air Conditioning System Saves Money, West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

If you’re building a new home or replacing the heating and air conditioning system in your existing space, it’s worth the time to research energy-efficient options. Energy efficiency is vital in protecting the environment, but it’s also beneficial to your wallet. A high-performing heating and cooling unit will save you money in several ways.

3 Ways an Energy-Efficient HVAC System Will Save Money

1. Use Less Electricity & Fuel

Air Conditioning SystemThe more efficient your heating and air conditioning system, the less power it needs to keep your home comfortable — and the less you pay to keep it running. According to Mitsubishi Electric®, their Energy Star®-certified ductless systems use up to 40% less power than central heating and air conditioning or window units, which translates to savings for your family.

2. Get Government Incentives

Both the federal government and the state of Pennsylvania offer financial incentives for home and business owners improving energy efficiency on their property. When you purchase certified Energy Star appliances, you may be eligible for federal rebates on the system. Pennsylvania’s incentives include rebates, as well, along with a loan program that makes HVAC upgrades more affordable than ever to finance.

3. Require Fewer Repairs

Depending on how old your existing HVAC equipment is, replacing it with a new, energy-efficient model can save you money by avoiding future repair costs. If your air conditioner or furnace breaks down frequently or needs costly repairs now, talk to a heating and cooling technician about a replacement.


Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature doesn’t have to drain your bank account. Unique Indoor Comfort offers energy-efficient, easy-to-install heating and air conditioning systems from Mitsubishi Electric that will prevent hot and cold spots in your house. For over 50 years, the team has provided HVAC installation, repairs, and efficiency audits for homes and businesses throughout the Conshohocken, PA, area. To schedule a visit or get a quote from the Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractors™, call (610) 825-4400 or get in touch online.

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