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Summer Camp Stories: Zoe F.'s Experience March 13, 2018

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Summer Camp Stories: Zoe F.'s Experience, Piermont, New Hampshire

Summer camp is a special place where kids can be themselves, have fun, and learn important new skills. In New England, Camp Walt Whitman is an incredible option for boys and girls alike. One camper, Zoe F., enjoyed her experience so much she shared some of her favorite memories.

Zoe's Summer Camp Story

Her Favorite Activities

The best summer camps offer a tremendous range of activities for all interests. Zoe loved being able to learn how to cook during her stay. She was able to explore her own talents and learn brand-new recipes, including those for making monkey bread, doughnuts, and even garlic knots. 

Her Favorite Causes

summer campAt Camp Walt Whitman, campers enrich their own lives and those of others. Zoe participated in the swim-a-thon to raise money for Morry's Camp, which helps kids from under-resourced areas. Swimming was already a much-loved activity of Zoe's, and she truly enjoyed doing as many laps as she could to help someone else. 

Her Favorite Relationships

Summer camp isn’t just about trying new activities. It’s also about meeting new people and forming lasting friendships. The relationships that blossomed over the summer were a highlight of Zoe's experience. She especially loved getting to know the CITs, or counselors in training. Because they are in between an authority figure and a camper themselves, this creates a unique bond. They made Zoe feel welcome, helped heal any homesickness, and ensured she had fun all season long.


Boys and girls of New England love attending Camp Walt Whitman. Zoe F. is just one of many participants who have shared their stories. Encourage your child to tell others about their experience as well! They can easily submit a story on the summer camp’s website now. They’ll help other kids know what to expect and ease the anxieties of new campers. To learn more, call the staff today at (800) 657-8282. 

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