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3 Reasons to Approach Interior Design With Intention March 8, 2018

Brownsville, Brooklyn
3 Reasons to Approach Interior Design With Intention, Brooklyn, New York

When you approach an interior design project, most professionals will advise you to “decorate with intention.” But what does that suggestion concretely mean? With a primer from the team at Lindo Home Furniture in Brooklyn, NY, you can better understand this classic interior design tenet and be on your way to becoming savvier stylist. Here is a rundown from the experts. 

A Guide to Decorating With Intention

1. Develop Your Own Taste

Many people choose to go shopping and buy instinctively, but then, in the following months, they are often filled with regret when they see nicer alternatives. A better method is to invest some time in learning what really speaks to you in terms of color as well as mood. It’s worth flipping through various magazines, interior design blogs, and Pinterest to see what catches your eye. When you start noticing a pattern, you’ll be closing in on a general style. 

2. Reflect on Your Needs

interior designFurniture is only as good as how it’s used, so even if you have an enormous but beautiful table, it won’t suit you if you prefer intimate, cozy spaces. It’s a good practice to buy specific furniture that appeals to the individuals who live in your home. Does your family enjoy spending lots of time in the living room? If so, you may want to get an extremely comfy sofa. Would anyone value a reading nook? In that case, it may be worth looking for furniture where reclining is easy. 

3. Strive for Unity

After you have become more aware and intentional about your values, stick to them. Even if you find a piece you love, ask yourself whether it will truly fit into your space or if it will stick out awkwardly. By going for a stylistically coherent appearance, your home will become more pleasing to the eye and more inviting to visitors. You’ll be able to break the cycle of consistently replacing furniture because you’re not happy with the hodgepodge. 

To get your interior design plan in motion, head over to Lindo Home Furniture. The friendly staff will help you decorate with intention as you pick out everything from bedroom furniture to dinette sets. You can also call with questions about their inventory by dialing (718) 346-0300. Learn more about the store by visiting their website

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