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4 Factors to Help You Decide if You Need Auto Glass Repairs or Replacement March 13, 2018

Rochester, Monroe
4 Factors to Help You Decide if You Need Auto Glass Repairs or Replacement, Rochester, New York

If your vehicle’s windshield has sustained a minor chip or crack, you’ll have to decide between seeking auto glass repairs or replacement to avoid further damage. Surprisingly, even longer cracks in your windshield can sometimes be fixed. Before jumping to replace your auto glass, read on for four factors you should take into account.

How to Determine if You Need Auto Glass Repairs or Replacement

Windshield cracks and chips come in a variety of forms, including star breaks, bull’s eye patterns, small cracks, and pit-like gouges. As these worsen, they typically spread out across your windshield in a horizontal line. You can determine whether your windshield can be repaired based on four main factors.

1. Size

As a general rule, most custom glass repair companies have the ability to repair chips that are smaller than a quarter, as well as cracks up to three inches long. Once the damage reaches larger sizes, it generally becomes unsafe to fix. In this event, your windshield expert will likely advise you to choose replacement.

2. Depth

auto glass repairSimilar to size, depth also plays a role in determining whether a crack or chip can be repaired. A windshield is comprised of outer layers of glass sandwiched around a plastic interlayer and inside layer of glass. If the windshield damage has gone through both the outer and inner layers, it is beyond repair, and a replacement is required. If the damage is more surface-level, a simple fix may do the trick.

3. Location

Where the damage is located on your windshield is another important factor in deciding between windshield repair and replacement. If the chip or crack is centralized, there is a better chance it can be fixed. However, if the damage has extended to the outer edges of the glass, it’s an indication the windshield’s integrity has been compromised.

4. Line of Sight

Since an auto glass repair does result in a small amount of distortion, a total replacement is likely necessary if a chip or crack occurs in the driver’s direct line of sight. Likewise, if the damage is located anywhere vehicle sensors pick up visual cues (i.e. rain sensors, automatic braking systems, etc.), replacement is key to ensuring these systems do not malfunction when you need them most.


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