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The Importance of Pet Grooming March 6, 2018

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The Importance of Pet Grooming, High Point, North Carolina

Pet grooming is about more than just making your pet look beautiful; it’s also essential to their health and well-being. During these routine visits, a groomer can identify early signs of illnesses or conditions, so you can seek treatment before it becomes serious. Below, the friendly veterinarians at High Point Veterinary Hospital in High Point, NC, are here to discuss a few of the health benefits of taking your furry friend in for regular pet grooming services.

Check for Abnormalities

pet groomingWhile brushing your pet, the groomer can examine the skin for swelling or bald pitches, which are often symptoms of an underlying injury or condition. They can also spot tick or flea infestations, which require treatment immediately, as they can cause discomfort and other more serious side effects. Bad-smelling odors or swelling in the ears may also indicate the presence of mites or ticks.

Prevent & Detect Infections

Some of the most common signs of infection include thinning hair, blisters, and flakes, which a professional pet groomer is trained to spot. Regular brushing and washing removes the dirt and dead hair from your pet’s fur and prevents tangles that can lead to infection. The fur around your pet’s eyes must also be trimmed to prevent contaminants from entering the eyes.

Reinforce Foot Structure & Posture

Trimming your pet’s nails will help to keep them short and reduce the risk of infection. But, even more importantly, this can reinforce their foot structure and posture. Nails that are too long can make standing or moving painful for your dog or cat. The nails can also become embedded in the feet if they are left to grow for too long.

Your veterinarian can recommend a time frame for how often you should take your animal to get groomed. If you’re located in the High Point, NC, area and are looking for a new pet clinic, call (336) 889-3832 to schedule an appointment at High Point Veterinary Hospital. They also offer pet grooming services along with boarding and emergency care. Visit the website today to learn more.

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