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3 Things You Need to Know About Back Pain March 8, 2018

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3 Things You Need to Know About Back Pain, Pecos, Texas

Did you know that most of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lives? It can occur for a variety of reasons, from lifting heavy objects to incorrect posture, and ranging from mild to severe pain. Pecos Family Chiropractic & Drug Testing is the leading chiropractor for back pain in the Pecos, TX, area. Below, they discuss a few interesting facts about back pain.

What You Need to Know About Back Pain

1. Painkillers Will Not Speed Up Recovery

chiropractor for back painIt’s common for patients in pain to turn to prescription or over-the-counter medications for relief. However, these drugs are only a short-term option that mask the symptoms of the condition and can also become addictive. Seeing a chiropractor for back pain is the most effective and holistic way to treat the source of the condition.

2. Stretching Can Ease Stiffness

People who suffer from back pain may feel the most stiff when waking up in the morning. Taking a few minutes to stretch can help loosen the tight muscles in the back. Stretching everyday, both in the morning and at night, can also help to prevent future back pain. Don’t forget to include hamstring stretches, as this will also take stress off of the lower back.

3. High-Quality Sleep Can Prevent Back Pain

There’s a correlation between quality of sleep and back pain. Getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night helps to reduce anxiety, which, in turn, prevents muscle tension and knots. It’s also important to own a comfortable mattress and to sleep in a position that won’t put stress on your neck or back.

Seeing a chiropractor for back pain can help you find relief, as well as prevent the likelihood of future injuries. If you want to schedule an appointment with the premier chiropractor for back pain, turn to the team at Pecos Family Chiropractic & Drug Testing in Pecos, TX. Contact them by calling (432) 445-4878 to schedule an appointment, or visit the website for more information about the full list of treatments and services available.