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How to Spot Vehicle Maintenance Issues With Your Car Exhaust March 13, 2018

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How to Spot Vehicle Maintenance Issues With Your Car Exhaust, Anchorage, Alaska

Car exhaust issues may start off small, but they can become harmful to you, the vehicle, and the environment if left unchecked for too long. The best way to avoid this is to identify problems as soon as possible so you can discuss them with a certified vehicle maintenance professional. To keep you safe and sound on the road, here's a quick guide to identifying and acting on potential car exhaust concerns. 

Beyond cooling down your engine and redirecting harmful gases, the exhaust system effectively reduces noise during operation. Thus, one of the easiest ways to tell if your exhaust is in need of repairs is to simply pay attention to the sounds your vehicle makes. It might not be as straightforward as a car that runs more loudly than normal, though. Listen for strange noises like bumping or rattling, the former of which could be a sign of a damaged or loose exhaust mounting. 

vehicle maintenanceIf you hear rattling, you might be dealing with a few different problems. In the case of your car's exhaust, you'll want a vehicle maintenance professional to check for loose baffles. These components divert the flow of exhaust before it exits the muffler, further dampening noises. No matter which sounds you hear, the earlier you have it diagnosed, the less significant the repairs will be. 

Sounds aren't the only indicators of a serious car exhaust issue. You should also take note of any exhaust odors in the vehicle's cabin, as these mean you have a leak on your hands. Your car's overall performance can be affected as well, from reduced gas mileage to an engine that runs at a higher-than-average temperature. Even if you don't notice any of these signs, have a mechanic perform a visual inspection during your next scheduled maintenance appointment. 

While some of the inspections involved in car exhaust maintenance may appear simple, this isn't an aspect of care you should leave to DIY procedures. Be proactive and follow up with any concerns you may have, and you'll limit the amount of money you spend on repairs and replacements.  


From exhaust problems to other vehicle maintenance issues of all sizes, Professional Automotive has been helping drivers throughout Anchorage, AK, for over 25 years. They use state-of-the-art computer diagnostics, and you can trust them to get to the root of any problems your car may be experiencing. Visit them online for an overview of their services, and call them at (907) 562-2471 to schedule an appointment today. 

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