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The Importance of Stretching! February 24, 2018

Clearview, Snohomish
The Importance of Stretching!, Clearview, Washington


30 min full body stretch routine and the importance of it! 

Hi from the Life & Elite Fitness Family! 

This sheet covers the importance of stretching on a regular basis and includes a link to my YouTube channel for you all to work along with me as I do my every other day stretching routine. 

Why is stretching important: 

  • Reduce the risk of injury during daily life and physical activity 

  • Helps to maintain proper range of motion we all need in both our daily lives and during our exercise 

  • Helps to maintain proper posture which in turn will help alleviate things such as back pain, upper cross syndrome, restricted movement, and help us perform better during physical activity 

  • Quicker recovery time after hard workouts 

  • Increase blood flow which leads to better organ function 

Stretching is a key component to our health and it really only takes 30minutes to get a good stretch routine done. This can be done while watching T.V. or while relaxing before or after work. Each stretch should be held for a minute at a time to get the full benefit of a static stretch. Stretches should be held at a level of slight discomfort but never to the level of pain. Also, be sure to never stretch immediately after or before sprints or hard resistance training. Several hours before or after is fine! Before working out a dynamic stretch routine is always best for warming up the joints, muscles, and body for hard exercise. 

Go to this link ( to learn more and follow along with me as I take you all through my stretching routine. If you like this video please subscribe to my channel as more videos covering things such as nutrition and foam rolling will be coming soon!           

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