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Found a Leaky Pool Pipe? Here’s What You Should Do March 6, 2018

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Found a Leaky Pool Pipe? Here’s What You Should Do, Washington, Connecticut

It’s normal for water to escape pools due to splashing and evaporation, but you shouldn’t be losing inches of it on a weekly basis. If you consistently need to top off the swimming pool, there’s a chance a leak has sprung somewhere. Finding where it is coming from can be a challenging task. The following guide explains what to do if you suspect leakage.

How to Handle a Leaking Pool Pipe

1. Confirm the Leak

If the past week was especially hot or you had a lively pool party, a little water loss is to be expected. Otherwise, there are a few simple methods to test if a leak is the culprit. First, fill a bucket with water, then mark the water level of both the pool and the bucket with tape. Measure how much lower the water lines are from the original marks about 24 hours later. If your pool lost water faster than the bucket, you have a leak. For the second method, you only need tape. Use it to mark the water level, then check back again in 24 hours. A loss of an inch or more indicates a leak.

2. Locate the Source

poolsFinding where the leak is can be a bit more complicated. If your first thought is a leaky pipe, make sure there isn’t a different source or more than one. Try turning off the filter pump. After 24 hours, if the leaking seems to have stopped, this could be a problem with the return plumbing. If the leaking only occurs while your equipment is off, however, your suction-side plumbing is the issue. Check for leaks at the equipment pad and on the ground around the pool as well.

3. Call a Repair Service

A leak could be losing you a lot of water daily, so a quick patch-up job is not the best idea. Trying to fix it yourself without suitable equipment and expertise will end up costing you more in the long run. Whether you managed to find the source or not, contact a swimming pool repair service—particularly if the problem is with piping. Professionals have the right tools to accurately detect and fix leaks in pools without causing any damage.


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