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4 FAQs About Trash Hauling Answered March 6, 2018

Spring Creek, Northeast Dallas
4 FAQs About Trash Hauling Answered, Northeast Dallas, Texas

From spring cleaning to making space for a home remodel, there are plenty of reasons to remove rarely used items cluttering up the house. To ensure everything is disposed of in the most efficient, convenient manner possible, hire professional trash haulers. So you find a company equipped to handle your needs, below are answers to four common questions about trash hauling

Answers to 4 Common Trash Hauling Questions

What Types of Items Are Typically Accepted?

From bulky, tattered sofas to broken refrigerators and old holiday decorations, most trash hauling companies accept all sorts of items. When looking for a junk removal service, make sure to ask upfront if they will take your specific items. If you need to remove old cleaning supplies or oil containers, for example, it is best to let them know in advance. Some won’t accept flammable or toxic materials, while others might provide the proper disposal methods to handle the items. 

Should I Get a Dumpster?

To make trash hauling more efficient, you might want to rent a dumpster. You can place items in the container for convenient pickup, instead of cluttering the yard with trash. Unless you plan to do weekly cleanouts, it’s not necessary to buy a container. To save on costs, many trash hauling providers offer dumpster rental or include the service in their rates. 

How Much Does Trash Hauling Cost?

trash haulingService rates vary by company, so it’s best to get a few estimates before scheduling a junk pickup. When it comes to calculating total costs, many take into account the number of items you need removed, the unit weight, and whether it’s a one-time job or continuing service. 

Should I Look for a Licensed Trash Removal Company?

You wouldn’t hire an unlicensed plumber or electrician, and the same should go for the trash hauling service. When the company is licensed, it means they adhere to rules, best practices, and safety procedures set by the city or state regarding proper trash pickup and disposal methods. 


Whether you need to get rid of a few unwanted items or are planning a complete home or garage cleanout, leave it to Anytime Trash Removal in Dallas, TX, to haul away all of your discarded belongings. To ensure they can always lend a hand when you need them, the dedicated technicians provide fast, efficient trash hauling 24/7. To schedule a service appointment in the Dallas or Ft. Worth areas, call (214) 350-3401 to speak with a team member. Visit the trash removal company online to read stellar reviews from past clients, and like them on Facebook for service updates and announcements. 

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