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3 Ways Multi-Zone Heating Will Save You Money March 8, 2018

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3 Ways Multi-Zone Heating Will Save You Money, Goshen, New York

In the winter, it’s easy to get frustrated with rising heating bills each month. To save money and enjoy a more comfortable space, an increasing number of people are choosing to opt for multi-zone heating. This modern HVAC system is significantly more efficient than its traditional counterparts. Here is a rundown of how it will save you money. 

A Guide to How Multi-Zone Heating Will Slash Your Utility Bills

1. You’ll Stop Wasting Money on Little-Used Areas

With a multi-zone system, you get to control which rooms receive the most heat. That means you won’t be squandering money on higher temperatures in areas you rarely use, like the laundry room. Instead, you can determine which rooms you spend the most time in and channel the appropriate heat that way. By optimizing your energy use, you’ll start using less per month, which, in turn, will lower your bills.

2. You Can Be Strategic With the Time of Day

multi-zone heatingIt’s possible to control more than just the space. You can also program the system so the heat automatically lowers in your bedroom during the night. At the same time, you can lower it even more in rooms that will go unused as everyone sleeps. Again, multi-zone heating allows you to use only the heat you need. 

3. The System Responds to Movement

Since people are not robots, it’s difficult to plan exactly which room a resident will be in at any specific time. Because multi-zone systems respond to movement, however, they can quickly adjust based on where you go in the house. When you leave a room, the temperature will be lowered, and when you enter one, it will rise slightly. With this smart system, the heat will not simply switch on and off but move incrementally so even more energy is conserved. 


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