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3 Reasons Managed IT Services Are Beneficial to Small Businesses March 6, 2018

Tulsa, Tulsa County
3 Reasons Managed IT Services Are Beneficial to Small Businesses, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Choosing to outsource your company’s IT support can take a weight off your shoulders. Not only will it relieve your financial burden to a degree, but also knowing that your sensitive information is in safe and capable hands offers you peace of mind. If you aren’t yet working with a managed IT service, here are three great reasons to move ahead.

How IT Services Help Small Businesses

1. Budget

Small- and medium-scale companies typically have limited resources and can’t always afford to allocate the appropriate funds to their IT department. However, it’s vital for businesses to protect their information, back up their data, and enlist disaster recovery services as needed. Outsourcing these responsibilities to a managed IT service provides these organizations with all the benefits of an onsite resource at an affordable rate. As such, they can effectively focus their budgeting on product development, advertising, and growing their brand.

2. Experience

In the interest of saving money, it can be tempting to hire an onsite IT employee for a low rate. But that comes at the expense of experience, knowledge, and background, all of which managed IT services provide for flexible rates. No matter the size of your business, they’ll cater to your needs while staying within your financial realm. You can also be confident that you’re working with a skilled professional who is aware of advancements in the industry and proficient in handling security vulnerabilities efficiently.

3. Support

Constant support is vital to your company’s most private information. Hiring a managed IT service is one way to ensure that data is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you work with an onsite employee, they can only provide their services when they’re on the clock. The comfort of having ongoing security is priceless—particularly as you try to grow your business.


Business owners in Tulsa, OK, trust Newave Solutions for all their managed IT services. Offering everything from data backup to disaster recovery, they’ll protect your valuable information while monitoring your system for ongoing threats. Visit their website for more details about what they offer and how they can assist, or call them at (918) 289-2093 to speak with a friendly representative today.

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