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3 Reasons Your HVAC Vents Might Be Dripping Water March 6, 2018

Broken Arrow, Tulsa County
3 Reasons Your HVAC Vents Might Be Dripping Water, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

HVAC systems are incredible. They cool homes in the summer, warm them during winter, and serve to keep air circulating, creating a healthy atmosphere. They are not invincible, however. If you notice any moisture buildup or water drips around your system’s air conditioning vents, the system has encountered a problem. Fortunately, various indications can provide clues to help diagnose the issue, which allows you to call a professional to make repairs as quickly as possible. 

3 Possible Causes of Dripping Water in HVAC Systems

1. Air Filters

HVACAccumulated dirt in air filters causes several problems, including wasting energy by making the air handler consume more power to pump the same amount of air through your house. These blockages cause air filters to freeze. Later, when the system is switched off, the frost melts, creating excess water that drips from the vents. If this is the problem with your system, replacing the filter will only cost you $15 to $30 but may help drastically lower your energy bill.

2. Evaporator Coils 

Evaporator coils are meant to cool down the air in your home, but like the air filter, they should never freeze. When they do, the ice will eventually melt and create condensation. Ice buildup in the evaporator coils can cause severe, long-term damage to the general system. If you suspect this has occurred, turn off your HVAC system immediately to prevent further damage. Then call an expert to perform an inspection and begin any necessary repairs.

3. Drain Lines

Every system is built to handle some level of condensation. This is what the drain line is for: when functioning correctly, this line should transport water outside to prevent buildup. Debris or algae may cause it to clog, however, preventing excess water from exiting your system. Fortunately, there is a simple method to prevent this—pour bleach into the system to remove any obstructions. 


For help diagnosing and repairing issues with HVAC systems throughout the Broken Arrow and Tulsa-Metro areas of Oklahoma, contact Tom Hundley Heating & Cooling. With over 36 years of experience, the knowledgeable staff at this company can assist with everything from furnace maintenance, air conditioning installation, and numerous other needs. To get in touch, visit the website or call (918) 455-5993 to speak with someone directly.

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