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A Brief Overview of Land Surveying March 7, 2018

New Britain, Hartford County
A Brief Overview of Land Surveying, New Britain, Connecticut

Whether you are planning to buy land for a new home or construct a commercial building, at some point, you’ll need the help of a land surveyor. To build from the ground up, the land must be inspected and measured by a professional who can verify its condition. Land surveying also defines boundary lines and allows owners to become familiar with their property so they can build legally and safely. To learn more about this practice, consider the information below.

What Is Land Surveying, Anyway?

land surveyingDuring property development, a land owner must establish legal boundaries. It’s important to define these before purchasing land so you know exactly how much space you have to work with and what you’ll be able to build.

A boundary can be natural or artificial, as long as there is a distinct separation of two properties. Artificial boundaries are created by land surveyors in written documentation, while a natural boundary exists in nature—like a river or stream.

Why Do I Need Land Surveying Prior to Purchase?

Buying land before it’s been surveyed may limit your ability to build with freedom. If you have specific construction plans in mind, you’ll need to ensure the plot is large enough to accommodate them and will not interfere with surrounding properties or natural elements.

By hiring a team of professional land surveyors, you can be confident in your purchase. They will map out a blueprint of the area using cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques to ensure the measurements are precise and accurate. This information will be crucial in obtaining the permits to start your project. 


Are you considering buying a piece of land in Milford, OH? If so, call the team at Flynn & CYR Land Surveying. Since 1986, they have been the local authority on property line surveys. They are fully licensed and qualified to perform hydrographic, subdivision, and FEMA surveys. For more information on how their team can help you, visit them online or call (860) 828-7866.

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