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When & Why Do I Need a Transmission Flush? March 5, 2018

Belmont Terrace, Fort Worth
When & Why Do I Need a Transmission Flush?, Fort Worth, Texas

Your vehicle’s transmission system is responsible for providing the right amount of power from the engine to the wheels. It does this by shifting from gear to gear as the speed goes up. Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is essential to this operation, as it keeps the gears lubricated. When it gets contaminated, your mechanic might recommend a transmission flush. But what exactly is involved in this process and how frequently should you get one?

Your Guide to a Transmission Flush

What Is It?

A transmission flush cleans the system. The procedure involves draining the old fluid by opening the transmission casing from under the car, sucking leftover fluid using a pumping machine, and washing the system with a cleaning solution that gets rid of all residue still clinging to the internal parts.

Why Do I Need It?

ATF is necessary to keep the system functioning properly. With daily use and constant exposure to heat, however, this fluid will inevitably burn, turning from a bright red to brown, and eventually to black if not replaced immediately. When it gets to this point, replacing the fluid is no longer enough, as the burnt ATF will just contaminate the new one.

When Should I Get It Done?

transmission flushSome car manufacturers recommend a flush every 30,000 miles or two years. However, there are some instances when you might need to get one sooner. If you hear grinding or other strange noises coming from the transmission, you have a problem shifting gears. And if your vehicle surges forward or slows down for no apparent reason, you might need to have the transmission flushed and the fluid replaced.


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