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Why Commercial Truck Drivers Should Take the Sleep Apnea Test April 26, 2018

Cheektowaga, Erie
Why Commercial Truck Drivers Should Take the Sleep Apnea Test, Cheektowaga, New York

If you’re considering driving commercial trucks, a sleep apnea test likely isn’t at the top of your mind. However, a study by the University of Pennsylvania found that 28% of commercial truck drivers are affected by sleep apnea. If you have purchased your truck at Regional International Truck and Trailer in New York, you’re still not quite ready for your first major haul until you get this testing done.

The Impact of Sleep Apnea on Drivers of Commercial Trucks

What It Is

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder in which sleep patterns are interrupted by difficulty breathing. It’s a serious condition that can severely impact one’s quality of life or even become life-threatening if it is left untreated. It affects people of both genders and all ages. The pauses in breathing can occur up to 400 times in just one night, and these pauses interrupt the sleep cycle, significantly reducing the quality of the affected person’s sleep. Sleep apnea testing is performed in a sleep center, where experts monitor the patient’s sleep cycle and breathing overnight.

Why It’s Significant

commercial trucksQuality of sleep directly impacts a person’s performance and alertness throughout the day. Because drivers of commercial trucks must be alert for hours on the road, a lack of alertness is dangerous for them and everyone around them. They may fall asleep at the wheel or experience reduced reaction times to situations on the road, which in turn leads to semi-trucks crashes. Those who are diagnosed with sleep apnea can still drive—except for the most severe cases. A doctor can provide guidance and treatment for people dealing with this condition.

If you have sleep apnea and drive for a living, you must have it diagnosed and treated before you become a danger to yourself and others. Have the testing done before you do any long-haul driving, and you’ll be ready to go. Meanwhile, the team at Regional International Truck and Trailer will ensure that your commercial trucks are in top condition. They are a commercial truck dealership that provides complete truck services. Contact them online or at (800) 836-0409 to ask about their flexible financing plans or to schedule a service appointment.