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5 Phrases to Know Before Buying a Used Car May 10, 2018

Poulsbo, Kitsap
5 Phrases to Know Before Buying a Used Car, Poulsbo, Washington

Being armed with the facts before visiting a dealership is crucial; when it comes to used cars, there’s no shortage of lingo used by mechanics and sales staff to describe certain aspects of a vehicle. Knowing a few common terms will help you understand the buying process, as well as make it easier to work with your salesperson, so pay close attention to the following. 

5 Common Phrases to Be Aware of Before Visiting a Used Car Lot

1. Actual Cash Value

This is the total cash value of a vehicle, determined by its condition when a consumer brings it in for a trade-in. It’s assigned to the car during the initial appraisal at the dealership.

2. Core Part

A core part can still retain value even if it has been damaged. When performing vehicle repairs, a dealership will often return any core parts back to the auto manufacturer, where they might be refurbished, to receive a rebate.

3. Desking a Deal

used carsDuring a car sale, this term is used by auto insiders to describe when sales personnel present options to a buyer to come to an agreement. Factors like monthly payments, financing, and extra features are discussed at this point.

4. Monroney Price Label

The Monroney price label refers to a law stating that a detailed window sticker must be placed on all vehicles for sale. The sticker is required to include a description, equipment, options, as well as the recommended manufacturer price. It was introduced in the 1950s by Sen. Mike Monroney to help consumers evaluate vehicles quickly.

​​​​​​​5. Predelivery Inspection

The predelivery inspection (PDI) is when a vehicle is prepared for display or delivery to a consumer. Some auto manufacturers require proof of such services to ensure the best quality; in this case, a dealership is often reimbursed by the manufacturer for performing PDI services.


Shopping for a used car can seem daunting at times, which is why the professionals at Liberty Bay Auto Center in Poulsbo, WA, exercise a no-pressure sales approach. When you’re looking for a great deal on a certified pre-owned car, their sales staff will help you find the ideal vehicle for your needs. Visit their website for a closer look at their inventory, or call (360) 697-4066 today to learn more about their services.

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