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Why Are Blood Tests Important? March 6, 2018

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Why Are Blood Tests Important?, Ogden, New York

Blood tests are a common component of health care. This is because they can provide great insight into your overall wellness and might even identify serious disorders that you’re not yet aware of. In New York, Rochester Regional Health Laboratories can perform a wide range of lab tests and screenings, which enables patients to get a complete perspective on their current state of health. Blood testing is often the earliest method of detection for certain illnesses, and early detection is key to a successful outcome.

What Are the Different Types of Blood Tests?

Depending on the medical conditions your doctor is searching for, you could be subject to a few different tests. If diabetes is a concern, blood glucose testing will likely occur; high glucose levels in the blood can be a symptom of this condition. It might also be used to find out your blood count, which includes things like red and white blood cells. Other types include metabolic panels and lipoprotein measurements.

What Do Abnormal Tests Mean?

blood testsIf you receive an abnormal test result, it can mean a few different things. Certain factors like your diet or medications you’re taking can alter results, so you might need to be retested at a later date. Some people simply have abnormal readings, and, provided that your current state of health is good, it might not be a real issue. Your doctor will thoroughly explain your results and provide information on the next steps.

Do They Detect Cancer?

If you have a low white blood cell count, it could be an indication of cancer of bone marrow or blood, such as leukemia. Testing can also locate the presence of tumors in the body, as cancerous growths produce a chemical which is found in the blood. Multiple myeloma can also be detected via blood testing, which is a type of cancer that impacts the blood plasma. In this case, your blood proteins will be tested for any abnormalities.

For more than four decades, Rochester Regional Health Laboratories has provided New York residents essential testing procedures that ensure timely and accurate results. Visit their website to find the lab closest to you. If you have questions about a particular blood test or your results, call (585) 525-5227 today to speak with a friendly representative.

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