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5 Types of Corporate Events You Can Host March 6, 2018

South Hackensack, Bergen County
5 Types of Corporate Events You Can Host, South Hackensack, New Jersey

Corporate events come in many forms and serve a variety of purposes. Companies arrange these experiences for their employees and clients to build their business and brand as well as foster bonds between colleagues. Whether you’re promoting a new product or rewarding your team for a job well done, here are five types of corporate events you can host.

5 Corporate Events & Their Purposes

1. Conferences & Workshops

Seminars, conferences, and workshops are designed to give audiences information and training on techniques, products, and more. They can be a few hours to a whole day, and usually incorporate presenters who share information to those gathered. Conferences tend to be larger in scope and can be scheduled for more than one day with different topics, levels, and activities planned throughout.

2. Trade Shows

Typically a business rents booth space at trade shows to present their services, products, and concepts to attendees. Depending on the industry, the audience can include customers, peers, or potential suppliers. Promotional materials, discounts, and special events can be included to market the business and network with possible future clients and collaborators.

3. Team Building Events

As the name suggests, these corporate events are meant to build a stronger team and increase trust between staff members. Participants are given tasks, puzzles, and other indoor and outdoor activities that give them the chance to work together in a different way and discover their strengths as a team. Event planners can even run a camp-like setting with tug-of-war, scavenger hunts, and relay races. Employees will have fun participating while learning more about themselves and their peers.

4. Sports Outings

corporate eventsWhether your company has an annual golf outing or a softball team, building relationships between employees and clients is key. Usually, event planners will rent out space for a block of time or the whole day so there is play time alongside any business meetings that must occur. If your company puts together special event teams, you can play a friendly game with vendors, clients, and other companies you work with.

5. Launch Parties

When you have a new product or service, a launch party is the perfect way to give out necessary information while generating excitement for the release date. Most companies open parties to potential customers or clients and will have guests in the industry on hand to give presentations and speeches. They may also have samples or giveaway packets as well as entertainment for the celebration.


For help throwing your corporate event, call Royal Entertainment. Based in South Hackensack and covering New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, and surrounding areas, this event entertainment company provides everything you need for the perfect seminar or team building activity. Learn more about their experience with corporate events online, and call (973) 826-7011 to discuss your ideas.

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