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5 Tips for Storing Your Children's Toys March 8, 2018

5 Tips for Storing Your Children's Toys, Anchorage, Alaska

Your child may have an abundance of toys. While their collection has grown over time and taken up more space, many of their older toys probably have sentimental value to both you and your child. Instead of giving these away, keeping them in a self-storage unit is a fantastic way to stay organized. Below are some helpful tips to prepare your child’s favorite toys for storage.

How to Store Your Child’s Toys

1. Sort & Categorize

self-storageBefore packing your child’s toys for storage, sort through them and create piles for keeping, donating, and tossing. Once you’ve narrowed down the items you want to keep, categorize them by type, such as board games, dolls, stuffed animals, or cars. This will make it easier to pack the toys neatly.

2. Involve Your Child

Getting your children involved in the sorting process will teach them about the value of downsizing and donating to a good cause. By pointing out toys that are broken or missing pieces, you can make this process easier for them. By the end of your sorting, your child will have a better understanding of quality over quantity.

3. Invest in Storage Boxes

Once you have an idea of how many toys you’ll be storing, purchase products to keep these items safe and protected. High-quality, clear storage bins are ideal so you can identify what is in them without having to remove the lids. Buying several bins of the same size and style will make them easier to stack and store. Additionally, purchasing bins with handles will make them easier to lift and transport.

4. Keep an Inventory

If you plan to place your child’s toy bins in a mini storage unit, create an inventory of what you’ve put in each box. This will ensure you always remember where items are, especially if you need to look for anything in particular in the future.

5. Pack Your Self-Storage Unit

Once you’ve completed the tasks above, you’re officially ready to pack your child’s toys away for safekeeping in your self-storage unit. Stack your boxes from heaviest to lightest to avoid any accidents or damage due to falling or shifting storage boxes.


When you need a space to keep your child’s unused toys or other sentimental items, turn to International Self StorageAlaskans in the Greater Anchorage area have trusted the company for their self-storage needs since 1987. With a variety of heated and unheated options, your belongings will stay securely stowed away. Visit their website or dial (907) 563-3287 to learn more about their available units.

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