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3 Helpful Tips for Comparing Car Insurance Quotes March 7, 2018

Chillicothe, Ross
3 Helpful Tips for Comparing Car Insurance Quotes, Chillicothe, Ohio

Searching for affordable car insurance with appropriate coverage can be a challenge. Comparing rate quotes is often simpler if you know what features you want in a policy. It all starts with doing a bit of research to pinpoint which plan offers the most comprehensive coverage for your budget.

How to Compare Car Insurance Quotes 

1. Seek Out Discounts

As you shop, ask about discounts that could lower the quote. Many providers reward policyholders with lower premiums if they have good driving records or have anti-theft security systems on their vehicles. Others will provide discounts to those who pay their premiums in one lump sum instead of on a monthly basis. Compare the number of discounts from each carrier to determine which one offers the best benefits for you.

2. Compare Deductible Amounts

car insuranceComparing car insurance quotes should also include looking at deductible amounts. In general, the higher the deductible a policyholder pays, the lower their premium payments will be. Certain policies such as liability insurance may not require drivers to pay a deductible while collision and comprehensive plans might have higher out-of-pocket costs.

3. Maintain Good Credit

Those with a strong credit score often receive a good deal on car insurance. Most carriers will compete for your business if they determine your credit report shows a consistent track record of paying bills on time and being financially responsible while managing outstanding debt.


The search for reliable and budget-friendly car insurance doesn’t have to consume a lot of time. Let the friendly and experienced team at Hummel & Plum Insurance Agency in Chillicothe, OH, help you secure customized coverage designed for your unique driving needs. For free, no-obligation price quotes, call (740) 773-1620 today. Or, visit the website to explore extensive information about the agency and its lineup of products and services.

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