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How Can Bioidentical Hormones Help with Low Progesterone Levels? March 6, 2018

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How Can Bioidentical Hormones Help with Low Progesterone Levels?, Evergreen, Montana

In a person’s younger years, progesterone is a hormone that is naturally produced by the body to develop many other hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone. It remains an essential part of daily life, as it’s a foundation to support activities such as brain function, sleep, fat absorption, and blood sugar regulation. But, when individuals age, they may require the help of bioidentical hormones to restore low levels of progesterone. To help explain how this treatment works, Evergreen Compounding Pharmacy in Kalispell, MT, highlights a few important things to know about bioidentical progesterone.

Simple Guide to Bioidentical Hormone Replacement for Progesterone

What Is Bioidentical Progesterone?

Bioidentical progesterone is derived from plants to produce a hormone that is molecularly identical to the naturally occurring substance. Given this indistinguishable similarity, the body can absorb the hormone as easily and as naturally as it would natural progesterone.      

When Should I Consider Hormone Replacement Therapy?

bioidentical hormonesMen and women typically consider bioidentical hormone replacement therapy when they start to notice various body changes around midlife. For example, women often consider bioidentical progesterone when they begin to experience menopause symptoms — a natural process associated with progesterone decrease.

Some common signs of low progesterone include unusual increases in weight, mood swings, chronic fatigue, low sex drive, and headaches. However, the best way to know if your hormone levels are low is to visit a trusted doctor for a blood test.

How Does Treatment Work?

Bioidentical hormones come in various preparations, including creams, pills, and gels. It generally takes about three months for progesterone replacement to be fully effective. However, patients tend to notice improvements within the first few weeks. Depending on symptoms, therapy can last several years and may need to be adjusted in accordance with routine hormone level tests.

If you’re curious about the benefits and simplicity of progesterone replacement, Evergreen Compounding Pharmacy is a trusted resource for bioidentical hormones. Equipped with advanced medication resources, this Kalispell, MT, pharmacy can produce a 2% progesterone solution that can be ordered without a prescription. As compounding specialists, these professionals can also produce your bioidentical progesterone in a preparation that best fits your needs. You can learn more about these services online or call (406) 257-2083 to speak with a friendly pharmacist about your medication needs.

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