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3 Fun Tricks for Beginning Magicians March 6, 2018

Port Jefferson Station, Brookhaven
3 Fun Tricks for Beginning Magicians, Brookhaven, New York

If you’re an aspiring magician, one of the best ways to get started is to practice a few simple tricks. Then once you’ve successfully beguiled your friends, you’ll have the skills to learn your next trick even faster more convincingly. You’ll find everything you need to get started at Ronjo Magic & Costumes, a brick & mortar magic shop in Port Jefferson Station, NY that’s been in business since 1974. For the beginning magician, they recommend one of the following tricks.

3 Magic Tricks for Beginners

1. The Disappearing Silk Scarf

magiciansThin and easily scrunched into small spaces, silk scarves can appear to disappear, change color, or be swallowed. One famous trick involves making one seem to disappear into the magician’s hand, and the only supplies you need are one scarf and a fake thumb tip. When performing the trick, the audience will think you’re stuffing a scarf into your closed fist, only to reveal that the scarf is gone when you open it. In reality, though, you’ll have stuffed the scarf into a fake thumb tip hidden in your fist. Through the “magic” of sleight of hand, you will quickly move your free thumb into the fake thumb tip while pretending to push the scarf into your fist, and then reveal to your audience that the scarf has gone.

2. Emojination

A spin-off of traditional “guess the card” tricks, Emojination is an original trick developed by Ronjo’s. The magic kit comes with two identical sets of cards, which all have popular emojis on one side. To perform it, you give one set to an audience member and retain the other. You then place a card face down and that is your prediction, the audience member places their card down as well and it’s a match! This trick is so special because there are so many different outcomes, including placing all five cards down and having every single one match! This is the only trick we encourage people to perform repeatedly because it gets more unbelievable everytime you do it. Instructional videos and notes are included with every kit, explaining how to make it work every time.

3. Bye George

This fun trick has been around for a long time, but never gets old. When you perform it, you’ll show the audience both sides of what appears to be an ordinary dollar bill. Next, you’ll fold the dollar bill in half twice, and then ask an audience member to lend you a quarter. You’ll drop the quarter inside the folded bill, but reveal that the quarter is gone once you’ve unfolded it. For the finale, you’ll fold up the dollar bill again, and then dump out the quarter that somehow ended up back inside. Not convinced yet? Check out this demonstration from our youtube channel.

Whether you’re a beginning magician looking for a fun magic kit, or a seasoned magician in search of new books or props, there’s something for you at Ronjo Magic & Costumes in Port Jefferson Station, NY. Call (631) 928-5005 for questions, or browse their extensive inventory of magic sets and other materials online.

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