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Home Improvement Pros Explain: How to Choose Paint for Different Surfaces March 6, 2018

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Home Improvement Pros Explain: How to Choose Paint for Different Surfaces, Hobbs, New Mexico

Different types of surfaces, such as wood, brick, and metal, require their own unique paint types and methods. If you want your paint job to look great and last for the long haul, it is crucial that you use the right products on varying types of materials. Accredited Builders, serving clients throughout Hobbs, NM, is here to help you choose paints that will work best with particular surfaces. Read on for a quick guide from your local home improvement experts.

Choosing the Right Paints for Different Surfaces

Woodhome improvement

When it comes to painting wood, start by assessing whether the surface is bare or painted. For bare wood, home improvement experts recommend that you prepare the surface by sanding it down until it is smooth. For both bare and painted wood, apply a stain-blocking primer to the surface, and then finish the job with an oil- or latex-based paint.


To achieve the best results from your home improvement project, clean your brick surface with a wire brush prior to painting it. Doing so will remove dirt and debris that may cause your paint to peel and crack. Next, use a latex primer followed by a premium masonry-safe latex paint. To ensure that you coat the surface thoroughly, apply the latex paint with a roller. Touch up the grout as well and any crevices with a basic hand brush.


Since drywall typically collects dust from sanding, you’ll want to wipe it clean with a damp towel before applying any paint to it. To prime your drywall, use an acrylic latex product for bare surfaces and a stain-blocking product for painted surfaces. Finish by brushing on a high quality acrylic latex paint—preferably one with a high sheen, since it will be easier for you to clean.

When you’re ready to paint and transform your home spaces, put your trust in the creative specialists at Accredited Builders. Call this home improvement company at (575) 393-7596 to get started on your home remodeling project. Visit their website, too, to learn more about their many remodeling services.

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