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3 Tips to Develop a Fun & Unique Persona for Rap Battles May 3, 2018

Oak Park, Cook
3 Tips to Develop a Fun & Unique Persona for Rap Battles, Oak Park, Illinois

Although the ability to think on your feet is an important element of rap battles, choosing the right personality could make all the difference in whether you win the competition. The audience will most likely remember the rhymes, but the persona you adopt is what leaves the lasting impression. To help win your next rap battle, here are a few tips for creating the perfect onstage character.   

How to Create the Right Rap Battle Persona 

1. Determine What Should Take Center Stage

Some rap battle personality types are larger than life, while others are more reserved to not distract from the message. Determine whether you want the bars or your physicality to take center stage. The gangster style is ideal for more animated performers, while the technical personality is best for those who put a lot of thought into their word choices and want to focus on the lyrics.

2. Add Layers to Your Character

rap battleWhen developing a personality for a rap competition, it can be easy to fall into the trap of focusing all your energy on one character trait. Even if most of your bars are technical, it’s fine to slip in a few elements of a tougher performer or up the ante with unexpected funny jabs for comedic relief. This will make you a more multifaceted and interesting performer.

3. Don’t Be Generic

If your punchlines are weak or recycled, you might as well forfeit the crown to the competition before the rap battle even begins. Sounding too generic will put you at a disadvantage when accepting a music challenge. Try to make yourself memorable in some sort of way each time you take the stage. Over time, you will see what works and get the confidence boost needed to feel comfortable in this new skin. 


If you want to try out your rap battle persona with an eager audience, connect with BattleMe today. Servicing the Chicago, IL, area, the platform allows users to accept challenges and learn more about what it takes to be a successful rap warrior. To learn more about their online music battles, call (574) 306-6701. 

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