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Trusted Plumber Explains How to Clean a Clogged Showerhead March 6, 2018

Forest Hill Village, Flathead
Trusted Plumber Explains How to Clean a Clogged Showerhead, Forest Hill Village, Montana

Nothing is more relaxing than a nice hot shower. However, hard water and mineral deposits can slowly cause even the nicest showerheads to stop working as they should. While your plumber can repair major issues, a clogged showerhead is one maintenance task even the most inexperienced DIY expert can handle. Here are a few simple steps to get your showerhead working again.

Give the Showerhead a Bath

Since water and soap scum are what typically clog most showerheads, you’ll need to use a different solution to bust through the buildup. While there are dedicated cleaners available, most clogs can be solved by soaking the showerhead in white vinegar.

plumberFill a plastic zipper bag with vinegar until it’s about halfway full. Then, secure the bag over the clogged showerhead with a strong rubber band. The rubber bands from produce at the grocery store work wonderfully. Leave the bag in place for two to three hours. Once the time is up, remove the bag, and gently scrub the showerhead with a plastic scrub brush or dish brush. This helps dislodge any remaining buildup. Afterward, your showerhead should work as well as it did when you first installed it.

What to Do If It’s Not Enough

Some homes have extremely hard water that can clog a showerhead in a matter of months. If you have to soak away buildup frequently, you’ll want to speak with a plumber. They’ll install a water softener for your home, which eliminates mineral buildup in your pipes and fixtures while also reducing soap scum in your bathroom. Best of all, a whole-home water softener can help improve your water heater’s efficiency, so you can enjoy your shower without worrying about your energy bill.


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