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5 Little-Known Health Benefits of Drinking Black Tea March 2, 2018

5 Little-Known Health Benefits of Drinking Black Tea, Honolulu, Hawaii

Bursting with a strong, sweet flavor, black tea isn’t just delicious; the beverage offers a host of health benefits. Sip a cup a day, and you’ll notice a welcome energy boost, lower your risk of disease, and enjoy multiple advantages other drinks simply can’t provide. As Hawaii’s go-to shop, Teapresso Bar offers 18 unique tea varieties and 19 flavor additions to suit every preference. The staff shares five surprising benefits of black tea.

5 Health Benefits of Black Tea

1. Increased Energy

Black tea is an instant energy booster. Since it contains caffeine, it increases alertness in the same manner as coffee, but with a sweet, savory flavor—and plenty of custom additives to enjoy a tasty new treat every day. This energy boost also increases your metabolism, so it makes the ideal morning or pre-workout beverage.

2. Avoid Environmental Damage

Bursting with antioxidants called polyphenols, black tea can protect your DNA from environmental damage. How? Free radicals, chemicals that are naturally present in the environment, cause damage to healthy cells. While this results in a wide range of diseases and deteriorates DNA over time, consuming antioxidants regularly protects your body, shielding it from environmental damage and keeping your DNA healthy.

3. Prevent Cancer

teaAntioxidants don’t just reduce environmental damage. They can help prevent cancer, as well. Research has shown regular consumption results in a reduced risk of bladder, ovarian, prostate, and rectal cancers, providing long-term benefits for black tea drinkers, especially those who are already at risk.

4. Reduce Heart Risks

The ample antioxidants in black tea improve heart health for both the short and long term, reducing the chances of clogged arteries that can lead to cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. Whether these conditions run in your family or you just want to increase your life span, don’t hesitate to drink up. 

5. Lower Your Disease Risks

If you’re not impressed enough already, consider the other conditions regular consumption helps prevent: your diabetes, high cholesterol, and kidney stone risks drop drastically each time you take a sip. If you want to stay healthy, this is one beverage you should consume daily. 

When you’re seeking the best black tea in Hawaii, head to Teapresso Bar. With an impressive selection of organic teas, flavors, and sweeteners, there’s something for everyone, with customization options available to create your perfect drink. Along with teas, sample their flavorful frappes, smoothies, slushes, and more. With five locations in Honolulu and Kapolei, it’s easy to drop in. Visit them online to view their mouthwatering menu today, or call (808) 591-1840 to speak with a team member.

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