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Commercial Roofing Experts Share 3 Benefits of Switching to a White Rubber Roof March 2, 2018

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Commercial Roofing Experts Share 3 Benefits of Switching to a White Rubber Roof, Eldred, Pennsylvania

When your business or office building needs a new roof, one of the most common choices is to opt for a rubber material. Yet, this material can easily crack and absorb moisture, which causes deterioration. That’s why the commercial roofing experts at Ridge View Roofing Solutions, based in Pitman, PA, apply a protective coating, which typically turns the roof white. These professionals believe that the color offers additional benefits for your property and have even listed them below.

Commercial Roofing Experts Explain the Benefits of a White Rubber Roof

1. Comfort

The color white typically reflects heat, while black absorbs it. While a black roof would have almost no reflectivity, a white roof can emit almost all of the heat absorbed. This means that a building with a white roof maintains a cooler temperature, promoting higher comfort for those working and living within it.

2. Energy Efficient

commercial roofingIn addition to comfort, the cooler temperature of the building can also impact the amount of energy needed. Most buildings with lighter colored roofs tend to experience lower monthly cooling bills, as the HVAC system won’t need to work as much to keep it cool. This means your building will be much more energy efficient simply with a change in roof color.

3. Eco-Friendly

White roofing can also be incredibly beneficial for the environment. By reducing energy use and limiting the amount of heat absorbed, entire cities could begin to cool down if everyone made the change. Plus, darker colored roofs can transfer heat to rainwater, which leads to increased temperatures of waterways. This temperature change is often dangerous for fish and wildlife.

When you need the help of commercial roofing experts, look no further than Ridge View Roofing Solutions. Serving the community since 1977, these professionals provide improved energy efficiency and protection with their acrylic coatings. They even offer other roofing products to ensure your investment lasts as long as possible. To learn more about how they can help you, reach out to a roofing contractor today by calling (570) 490-0513. You can also find more information online.

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