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4 Fire Hazards & Prevention Tips From a Fall River Electrician March 2, 2018

Fall River, Columbia
4 Fire Hazards & Prevention Tips From a Fall River Electrician, Fall River, Wisconsin

Electrical issues are one of the leading causes of house fires, which is why it’s important to familiarize yourself with potential hazards. Dauman Electric, the leading electrical contractor in Fall River, WI, knows where homeowners should look to avoid issues. Below, the electricians provide a list so you can keep your family safe. 

Electricians on 4 Fire Hazards in Homes

1. Outlet Overloads

If you plug too many devices or appliances into your outlets and power strips, you may quickly overload the circuits. At best, the breakers may trip. At worst, your house may catch on fire. Try not to use every outlet on power strips and adapters. Additionally, make sure all appliances and devices are securely plugged into their sockets.

2. Damaged Cables & Cords

electricianWith continued use over the years, the cables and cords to appliances and devices may show signs of wear and tear. If you observe cracking, fraying, or other damage, they may emit sparks that cause house fires. Handle your cables and cords with care and keep them away from foot traffic. Schedule electrical inspections regularly to ensure wires are safe.

3. Water Near Appliances

If any outlets in your home are located next to sinks or other water sources, be especially cautious when you plug items into them. Appliances and water do not mix and, when they come into contact with one another, may cause serious injuries and set fire to your home. Do your best to keep plugged-in appliances and devices away from indoor water sources.

4. Overheated Bulbs

High wattage bulbs tend to rapidly rise in temperature. If your light fixtures are located near drapes, upholstery, or other flammable materials, this is a fire hazard. When you purchase bulbs for fixtures, make sure that you choose the wattage recommended by the manufacturer. 

When you want to keep your home safe from a blaze, Dauman Electric will provide you with electrical inspections and repairs. Give these electricians a call at (920) 484-3852 today to speak with a representative about scheduling a visit. Or, visit them online for more information.

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