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4 Tips to Extend the Life Span of Your Flat Roof March 6, 2018

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4 Tips to Extend the Life Span of Your Flat Roof, Whitefish, Montana

Although flat roof systems are commonly found on commercial buildings, the relative ease of installation and affordable upkeep makes it a desirable choice for many homeowners throughout the country as well. However, even though they have a slight tilt, the slope isn’t steep enough to channel melting snow and rain away from the membrane. Because of this, a sound preventative maintenance plan will safeguard against water damage and additional problems. 

4 Maintenance & Repair Tips for Flat Roof Systems

1. Use Reflective Paint to Prevent UV Damage

Applying reflective paint on a flat asphalt roof won’t only keep energy costs low, but it will also serve as a barrier between the roof and the elements. Reflective asphalt aluminum paint shields the roof from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays and prevents water from seeping into the porous surface.  

2. Address Leaks Immediately

flat roofsWater and a flat roof are natural enemies. Over time, the moisture breaks down materials, resulting in ceiling leaks, structural damage, and additional headaches. If you suspect there’s a leak, fix it immediately. For metal systems, this might require replacing warped panels and broken fasteners or placing fiberglass mesh or cement over the damage. Applying tar or other roof sealers on asphalt systems should repair the damaged areas.

3. Make Sure Utility Equipment Is Properly Supported

On commercial structures, flat roofs often house the building’s HVAC equipment and additional utilities. If the appliances aren’t installed correctly, they could puncture the membrane. To be on the safe side, mount all equipment on platforms.  

4. Schedule Regular Inspections

Some problems with the roof can go unnoticed by an untrained eye, which is why it’s important to schedule professional roof inspections. During service calls, professionals will give the membrane a thorough examination. They’ll check for holes in asphalt, broken seams and punctures in metal panels, and gaps in flashing. If there’s cause for concern, they will repair the issue before the damage gets worse. 


Whether you need a new roof to improve property comfort and safety or want to boost the value of your space with restoration, the professionals at Big Mountain Insulators in Whitefish, MT, are equipped to cater to your needs. They will provide material suggestions and installation solutions to extend the life span of the system. To schedule a consultation, call (406) 862-5446 today, or visit them online to discover why you can trust them to care for your flat roof.

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