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What Can an Eye Exam Tell You About Your Heart Health? March 29, 2018

Crescent Springs, Covington
What Can an Eye Exam Tell You About Your Heart Health?, Covington, Kentucky

The health of your eyes can often be an indicator of your overall well-being. For instance, symptoms of heart disease are sometimes present during a routine eye exam, and identifying these symptoms early could potentially save your life. At Wing Eyecare, the team of eye doctors looks for a range of conditions during the exam. As a result, Cincinnati, OH, patients can rest assured of their eye health as well as the health of other areas of their body, like the heart.

What Can Be Identified During an Exam?

There are a number of aspects your eye doctor will look for during an eye exam. Retina damage is sometimes a symptom of high blood pressure, which can be hard to identify early on. In this case, loss of vision, blurry sight, and headaches can signal an underlying issue with blood pressure. Your eye doctor will also look at the color of the arteries in your eyes. Metallic tones of silver or copper can indicate that blood pressure is at an unhealthy level. If you notice blind spots in your vision, you might be at risk of a stroke. Other symptoms of a stroke include distortions in vision as well as problems with peripheral vision.

The Dangers of Hidden Heart Disease

eye examOn a yearly basis, one in four deaths that occur in the U.S. are related to cardiovascular disease. Both men and women are susceptible to heart disease, and certain factors like smoking, drinking, and a lack of physical activity can increase risk. When plaque builds up within the arteries of the heart, blood flow will be impeded and clots can form. If blood flow is blocked completely, a heart attack will occur. For most people, early detection of heart attack symptoms is crucial, but in some cases, symptoms might not present until it’s too late.

In Cincinnati, patients know they can trust the care provided by Wing Eyecare thanks to more than a century of experience. If you’d like to schedule a routine eye exam for you or a loved one, call (888) 274-9464 today. You can also access a complete listing of locations and services by visiting the website.

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