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3 Leading Types of High-Speed Internet Options March 3, 2018

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3 Leading Types of High-Speed Internet Options, Cook, Pennsylvania

Today, it’s easy to find a service provider that offers a wide variety of high-speed internet options. But unless you’re a computer expert, you might not be aware of the difference between the many types of broadband internet services, so it’s useful to do a bit of research before choosing your plan. Below are several different types of high-speed internet options to help you decide which one is best for you. 

Popular High-Speed Internet Choices

1. Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

One of the most common types of broadband internet options is DSL, which allows users to transmit data using the telephone lines they’ve already got installed in their home or business. Transmission speeds for DSL range anywhere from several hundred kilobytes-per-second, to millions of bits-per-second (Mbps), making it a highly versatile form of high-speed internet. One factor that affects the speeds available is the distance you are from your local telephone service provider. 

2. Wireless

high-speed-internetIn areas where cable or DSL might be difficult to obtain, wireless is the next best choice. Using an external antenna to connect to the service provider via a radio link, wireless networks offer speeds that are similar to DSL services, although they often require a clear line between the transmitter and receiver to function. This means they can be less reliable. But wireless is ideal for those located in areas where running a cable line or other type of physical connection isn’t an option. 

3. Fiber Optic

One of the fastest types of high-speed internet services is fiber optic, which surpasses DSL and cable by hundreds of bits-per-second. It converts electrical data signals to light, then transmits that data through a network of fiber-optic wiring, providing the user with exceptional broadband quality. Many times, providers also offer fiber-optic packages that also include VoIP and voice, as well as video and on-demand services. 


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