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5 Pool Safety Tips for Your Kids March 2, 2018

St. Charles, St. Charles
5 Pool Safety Tips for Your Kids, St. Charles, Missouri

Outdoor living spaces are a child’s dream—they provide a convenient place to play, imagine, and get active in the fresh air. For those lucky enough to have access to an inground pool, the deal is further sweetened by the ability to enjoy a refreshing dip underwater or perform cannonball competitions among friends. However, as the reliable pool contractors at Midwest Pools & Decorative Concrete in Saint Charles, MO, explain, it’s imperative to implement a strict set of pool safety guidelines to ensure your kids avoid injury. 

5 Pool Contractor-Recommended Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe

1. Walk, Don’t Run

The area around the pool is likely to be wet and slippery, making it a major hazard for kids who run around the deck. To keep injuries and liability at bay, pool contractors insist that every pool-goer walks slowly and carefully around the deck, never jumping into the water from a running start.

2. Keep a Floating Device 

No matter what age your swimmers are, it’s crucial to keep a floating device nearby the pool in case of emergency. Even the most skilled swimmer can find themselves in an emergency, so you need to be able to toss a lifeline immediately to keep them afloat.

3. Have Adult Supervision

pool contractorChildren should never be left to swim unsupervised. Ideally, there should be an adult present who has experience with CPR and water safety techniques. However, a responsible adult with a keen eye for mischief should be enough to keep accidents at bay. 

4. Don’t Play Fighting Games

Kids are known to come up with creative, active games to play in the pool with friends and siblings. While games like “Sharks and Minnows” or racing are safe and fun for all involved, fighting games, like “Chicken” should be avoided. Games that encourage kids to balance in water or hold their breath for too long can lead to serious injury, so it’s best to skip them altogether. 

5.  Dive Carefully

Diving competitions are excellent for a rousing day at the pool, but parents should discourage their kids from attempting flips of any kind from the side of the deck. Kids often have a hard time with depth perception and may end up hitting their head on the concrete. Instead, suggest cannonballs or in-water routines. 

Are you looking to install a pool on your property or schedule repairs for your existing one? Contact the pool contractors at Midwest Pools & Decorative Concrete. Whether you’re looking for a quick way to boost your property’s value or want to create a fun space for your family, they’ll bring your outdoor vision to life. This highly skilled team will use specialized concrete techniques to customize the pool to your specifications. For more, visit them online or call at (314) 853-8330.

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